Monday, June 24, 2019

Conversation Quiz: Do You Know the Best Response?

Good for you if you have a few “conversation starter” questions on the tip of your tongue.  But also, be quick with responses that will deepen the interaction, that will help you get to know people.  

Choose the best response to 4 typical comments below.  Choose ones that will lead to more conversation and create connection.  

Bill says, “I just moved here two months ago.”
You say,
A. “I’ve been here 10 years.”
B. “Where did you live before?”
C. “What’s it been like getting used to a new city?”

Sonia says, “I’m starting a new company.”
You say,
A. “I work for XYZ company.”
B. “What’s the name of your new company?”
C. “What kinds of people would you like to connect with to help you make a go of it?”

Raj says, “I just got back from vacation.”
You say,
A. “Boy, do I need one of those!”
B. “Where did you go?”
C. “What was your very favorite day like?”

Lou says, “I found what the speaker said so fascinating.” 
You say, 

A. “Me too.”
B. “Do you know the speaker?”
C. “Tell me more about what caught your attention.”       

The “A” responses turn the conversation back to you. The “B” responses elicit a short, factual answer. They show interest and add to your knowledge about your contact.  The “C” responses engage the other person, ask for evaluation and opinion, and lead you to commonalities and needs you can respond to. So choose “A” responses rarely.  Choose the “B” responses sometimes.  And choose the “C” responses, the ones that have the most potential to create connection, most often.

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